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Organic Rolled KAMUT® Wheat Flakes


Organic Rolled KAMUT® Wheat Flakes are a type of cereal made from the ancient grain KAMUT®. They are made by rolling whole KAMUT® kernels into thin flakes. They are considered to be a healthier alternative to other cereal flakes as they contain more fiber, vitamins, and minerals. They have a nutty, buttery flavor and a slightly denser texture than other cereal flakes.
KAMUT® is a registered trademark for a specific variety of ancient wheat that is known for its high nutritional value and its unique characteristics such as its large kernel size and its high tolerance to drought and disease. Organic Rolled KAMUT® Wheat Flakes are made from whole KAMUT® kernels that have been steamed, rolled and dried. This process preserves the nutritional value of the grain, making it a healthier option than refined cereal flakes. They are organic certified, meaning they were grown and processed without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. They can be eaten as a cereal, added to yogurt or smoothies, or used in baking recipes.

**Product is processed in a facility that contains wheat**


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10 reviews for Organic Rolled KAMUT® Wheat Flakes

  1. Website Review

    The Very Best! 5 Star Review
    Posted by Lori on 11th Aug 2022

    We absolutely love the Kamut and have for years. We’ve learned by soaking it overnight will decrease the cooking time and provide a wonderful texture. We hope you will always carry this product! Thank you for all you do!

  2. Website Review

    makes AMAZING oatmeal 5 Star Review
    Posted by divinity on 3rd May 2021

    Watched a YouTube video on how to make it into a porridge…now I’m in love and will continue to reorder. The best part is, I got a 7lb bag, so it should last me a few months. Great to have in storage. It takes a lot longer to make into oatmeal but it’s worth it. Add some hemp milk to give it a creamy texture…

  3. Website Review

    Great Product 5 Star Review
    Posted by Sarah Stringer on 26th Oct 2020

    This is amazing.

  4. Website Review

    Great Product 5 Star Review
    Posted by Unknown on 7th Apr 2018

    My family and customers loved the rolled kamut. It has a wonderful flavor and the product is of great quality. This was my first order with Montana Flour & Grains, and their customer service is great.

  5. Website Review

    Greeeat! 5 Star Review
    Posted by FayMarie on 6th Apr 2018

    Ive recently swtiched from oatmeal 2 kamut for health reasons. I’ve tried one other brand of kamut which is hard to find itself especially organic; and this is by far the best not only tasting what you cannot beat the price and quality I definitely will be buying more from here again. Keep up the great work!

  6. Website Review

    excellent product, speedy delivery 5 Star Review
    Posted by Tim on 12th Mar 2018

    We enjoy using rolled Kamut instead of rolled oats for cereal and muffins. Montana flour’s Kamut is an excellent product and we have used them regularly for this product. We recommend Montana Flour.

  7. Website Review

    glad to find this supplier 5 Star Review
    Posted by Greg Cook on 10th Nov 2017

    We have been buying Kamut and other grains for the past 20 years, usually from UNFI buying clubs. As local buying club closed, we’ve had to locate new sources. Normally we purchase whole grains and then crack or roll them ourselves. This time we bought them already processed. Both are very high quality and good taste. Packaging was very good and the bags were sealed in thick plastic bags before being placed in a box.

  8. Website Review

    good stuff! 4 Star Review
    Posted by Chris on 24th Jun 2017

    Been looking for this product as I like to eat it raw as cereal. Only place I’ve found it is inconvenient and not the cheapest. This is harder and crunchier, but still has a good flavor. Just need to soften it up some.

    Excellent price!

  9. Website Review

    Very crunchy 4 Star Review
    Posted by Unknown on 19th Jun 2017

    I have only briefly tried these, as they are much crunchier and firmer than expected. I was expecting more of a rolled oat texture and was planning to use them in granola, but they are probably too tough for that. I may be able to mix them with oats and be okay. They are chewable so I will give it a try. May also try them cooked or soaked.

  10. Website Review

    Unexpected texture 5 Star Review
    Posted by Judy on 11th Apr 2017

    This was the first time I ordered from Montana Grains. I like their service, prices and philosophy. I was having trouble finding organic kamut wheat flakes in my area. On rare occasions when I did, it was a small bag (16oz) for over $5.00.
    I did want to point out that the flakes I received from Montana grains were not the same texure as the small bags of Eden or Arrowhead, which are the consistency of steel cut rolled oats. They are crunchier, so they probably require soaking before using in baking bread or biscuits, which I love to do.
    The flavor was delicious, and it was chewable. just not what I expected given what I have purchased in the small bags available in my area. This is NOT a criticism. I would recommend soaking them first before baking, however. Wonderful product!

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