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Organic KAMUT® wheat

Organic KAMUT® wheat is an ancient heirloom grain that has been passed down through generations. It is known for its long, golden kernels that have a distinct, nutty flavor. This versatile grain can be used in a variety of dishes, including pilafs, soups, salads, and chili recipes. It is a great source of nutrients, including protein, fiber, and minerals.

Organic KAMUT® wheat is grown and processed according to strict organic standards, ensuring that it is free from harmful pesticides and chemicals. It is a non-GMO crop, meaning that it has not been genetically modified in any way. This grain is also known for its high levels of selenium, an important mineral that plays a role in many body functions.

This product is processed in a facility that contains wheat, so it is not suitable for those with a gluten allergy or intolerance. It is also an excellent choice for those who are looking for a healthier alternative to modern wheat. It is a great way to add a unique and delicious flavor to your meals.

Overall, Organic KAMUT® wheat is a delicious and nutritious ancient grain that can be used in a variety of dishes. Its unique flavor and nutritional benefits make it a great choice for those looking to incorporate more whole grains into their diet. Try using it in your next recipe and taste the difference it makes!

**Product is processed in a facility that contains wheat**


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8 reviews for Organic KAMUT® Wheat

  1. Website Review

    i love kamut 4 Star Review
    Posted by Unknown on 9th Oct 2022

    Years ago a friend and I made side-by-side loaves of fresh ground, kamut, white whole wheat, hard red winter wheat, spelt, and rye, all wonderful grains with good flavor, but kamut was my favorite by a long shot, an my partner in the experiment agreed.

    It is a golden color, and is fragrant, it’s true, but it was the flavor of the simple artisan bread, only thing in additions to the fresh ground flour were yeast salt and water.

    High Quality Grain 5 Star Review
    Posted by Katarina on 20th Jan 2022

    The product was double bagged and arrived in great condition. Not a single seed was lost.
    The seed is very clean and smells wonderful when freshly grounded.
    It grounds more corse compared to Hard Red Wheat or Spelt using the same setting on my Komo Mio mill. This is not a fault, just a different grain type. Next time I will try double mill or tighten the setting of the mill. Kamut is proving itself as a great ‘add on’ / ‘mix in’ flour rather then stand alone flour in my kitchen. It adds a nice yellow color and beautiful smell to all the baking goods.

    Fantastic germination rate. 5 Star Review
    Posted by David on 12th Nov 2021

    For those people who are interested in baking sprouted breads: the germination rate seems to be near 100{c2963f8d0945e86ebe572bd1bdc8f93a68d66e1652307c5f6b1165e2eb5776e5} for the whole berries.
    Shipping costs, which I know are outside control of Montana Flour and Grains, exceeded the cost of the product itself.
    (I live in near by Idaho).

    Great Quality and Tasty! 5 Star Review
    Posted by Rick V on 22nd Aug 2021

    This is my 3rd 50 pound bag of Kamut from Montana Flour. Amazing quality with well formed healthy berries. No pebbles, twigs or chaff. Always pleased and ordering again today.

    Great! Product!!! 5 Star Review
    Posted by TERRY on 12th Apr 2021

    I just love using the Kamut whole grain berries for making flour. It is high quality and has a great nutty taste. I would recommend it to anyone.

    Kamut is our favorite wheat for breads! 5 Star Review
    Posted by Jim B. on 25th Jan 2021

    I use a Komo Grain Mill with Montana Flour’s Kamut berries. The quality is stellar with perfect service.

    Highly recommended!

    Healthy Grains 5 Star Review
    Posted by Andrew (Boston, MA) on 4th Jan 2021

    The Kamut arrived quickly & safely. I mix with other grains & walnuts/cranberries making the ‘base’ used for daily family lunches. Along with hard, red wheat berries, Kamut actually is the most tasty ingredient. I look forward someday to expanding to khorasan based sourbread. I know where to go for the flour & cookbook!

    Extremely versatile 5 Star Review
    Posted by John on 9th Dec 2020

    We use khorasan wheat for so many different things: chapattis, parathas, pasta, waffles and pancakes as well as blended with other flours (typically spelt) for sourdough bread. The whole family loves our home baked bread (and that includes my border collie, who has wheat intolerance, but has no problems with our home-baked bread.

    extremely pleased 5 Star Review
    Posted by Debra on 6th Nov 2020

    your Kamut is absoutley delicious! the shipment arrived quickly after ordering. the box was in good condition, one of the heavy paper bags had ripped open during shipment and spilled into the box, but not a grain was lost. I have made one batch of bread with a 25{c2963f8d0945e86ebe572bd1bdc8f93a68d66e1652307c5f6b1165e2eb5776e5} kamut/75 {c2963f8d0945e86ebe572bd1bdc8f93a68d66e1652307c5f6b1165e2eb5776e5} hard red wheat. It turned out beautifully! I will continue to increase the {c2963f8d0945e86ebe572bd1bdc8f93a68d66e1652307c5f6b1165e2eb5776e5} of Kamut in subsequent batches. Looking forward to using it in sourdough pancakes. I love the color of the grain and the flavor. I will order again. Thank you so much!!!

    Kamut vs Einkorn 5 Star Review
    Posted by Phil D on 13th Oct 2020

    Einkorn has been my “go-to” wheat berry but I had always wanted to try Kamut. For some reason, it grinds finer than the Einkorn on the same setting. The 1st Kamut loaf I made was silky smooth and had a great flavor profile. It’s going to be hard to decide going forward but I believe Kamut is now going to be my main wheat berry. The shipment arrived in a timely fashion and was well packed in its heavy paper bag.

  2. Website Review

    best product ever. ive bought for many years. good spot 5 Star Review
    Posted by greg kaiser on 28th Sep 2020

    Authentic seeds. Will be back. And the family

    Kamut for Wheat Intolerance 5 Star Review
    Posted by Zack on 3rd Sep 2020

    It is my understanding that Kamut is one of the wheat types that was not affected by the genetic modifications of the 1970’s which shortened the stem and enlarged the head, but created the wheat intolerance that many people, including myself, exhibit. I have been grinding the ‘berries’ into flour and making bread for several years and am symptom free. Thank you for the consistent quality!

    its amazing service and product 5 Star Review
    Posted by carlos on 25th Aug 2020

    The shipping arrives in like three days where I live ( Puerto Rico) and the product itself it’s amazing. It has a distinct taste than your regular wheat and it has like this soft texture compared to regular wheat. I really like this product and it’s at an affordable price.

    Great wheat grain for milling. 5 Star Review
    Posted by Ron Martino on 13th Aug 2020

    A grain that has not been messed with. Makes a wonderful loaf of bread that is tasty and healthy.

    Makes Beautiful Loaves 5 Star Review
    Posted by Richard Velazque on 19th Jul 2020

    This is my 3rd 50 lb bag of Kamut from Montana Flour. Every shipment has been full of unbroken healthy berries.

    I grind every Saturday to bake bread for the upcoming week: Sandwich bread, pizza dough, sourdough bread even cracked for Bulgar wheat. I’ve been pleased with it all.

    My family has relied on you for more than a year now. Thanks for providing a great product.

    Best flavored Kamut on the market! 5 Star Review
    Posted by Larisa Glenn on 17th Jul 2020

    This creates a very soft and delicous nutty tasting bread. I combine it with organic hard red spring wheat.

    Golden deliciousness 5 Star Review
    Posted by Swantje in California on 26th Jun 2020

    I soak & sprout these. Some I dehydrate & later grind for flour, and some I put in the fridge & eat with fruit, nuts, almond milk etc; instead of granola or processed cereal. Yum!
    Soaked 12-24 hours, these are also fantastic in a savory grain salad.
    My golden kamut bread is the most delicious – I can’t imagine ever going back to store-bought bread.
    I also made German Hefe Kloesse – the best ever. Try it! Make a yeasted dough using honey as the sweetener/activator, add grated lemon rind & dash of salt. Instead of baking, steam! I tie muslin over a wide pot and simmer to steam. When done, crack open, pour melted butter over, then spoon on any juicy, slightly crushed fruit or berries. Blueberries (thaw frozen ones, add a little sweetener if desired) is a favorite. Super ripe apricots, strawberries, peaches etc would be amazing too. This was a favorite DINNER growing up! Now we eat it as dessert.

    Sprouted perfectly, few broken grains 5 Star Review
    Posted by Kevin on 8th Jun 2020

    I wanted grains that sprouted. They sprouted very well, and had so few broken grains that I was surprised. Would buy again.

    None better 5 Star Review
    Posted by Benjamin on 28th Apr 2020

    The Montana Kamut grains I received were the finest I have ever used. I bake leaven based country bread and flavor, texture and chew is vital to a good loaf. The Montana Kamut , when ground to flour at home and mixed into my country loaf, gives incredible nut and sweet characteristics associated with Kamut, only its superior to other Kamut grains I’ve used. I’ll continue to purchase this one!

    Delicious 5 Star Review
    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Apr 2020

    This flour makes delicious sourdough bread.

  3. Website Review

    Great heirloom wheat 5 Star Review
    Posted by ML on 10th Apr 2020

    Very clean wheat. Hardly any chaff. Lovely taste. A happy medium between modern wheat and einkorn wheat, as the protein content of kamut falls in the middle. So I can bake “normal bread.” Even with shipping costs it is still inexpensive.

    Best Grain for Baking 5 Star Review
    Posted by Lisa on 2nd Apr 2020

    I’ve been grinding my own wheat and baking for over 30 years. With minor adjustments to the grinder, this has become my favorite wheat for baking of all kinds. Thank you!

    Wonderful Grain 5 Star Review
    Posted by Alex White on 27th Mar 2020

    Have used Kamut, also known as Khorasan Wheat, in breads, pancakes, waffles and other baked goods for decades. It’s truly special. Nowadays, I usually add 20{c2963f8d0945e86ebe572bd1bdc8f93a68d66e1652307c5f6b1165e2eb5776e5} Einkorn to my bread, and it’s even more wonderful. Started getting it from – now with a new name. Always wonderful. Always great service.

    using it for atleast 5 years now 5 Star Review
    Posted by ajay on 20th Mar 2020

    have used the wheat berries for about 5 years or so. always good quality, shipped on time. just one thing the shipping cost are a lot.but guess worth it.

    Taking My Programs to a Higher Level 5 Star Review
    Posted by Rabbi Ron Eichaker on 28th Jan 2020

    On a recommendation from someone in the Bread Bakers Guild of America, my wife and I ordered a 25 pound bag of Kamut. We do a food program for our congregation on what our ancient biblical ancestors ate and drank. Not only does the Kamut help to bring us a flavor of the most ancient biblical characters, when we used our Mock Mill 100 and did the finest grind the mill has, our entire kitchen bloomed into the most amazing aroma! The grain is clean, pure and takes us back to a time when it was hand ground and made fresh that day. We’re sure it will inspire our congregation as it has inspired us.
    We will be buying the white Kamut for my Passover Matzah baking program soon.

    A wonderful food, for many reasons 5 Star Review
    Posted by Gary Rose on 13th Jan 2020

    I leaned about this wheat from reading Bob Quinn’s wonderful book, Grain by Grain.

    I’ve tried a number of different heritage/ancient wheat grains over the years. Kamut is head and shoulders above the rest.

    I mill my own flour and use it in sourdough bread, with Kamut normally at about 40{c2963f8d0945e86ebe572bd1bdc8f93a68d66e1652307c5f6b1165e2eb5776e5} +/- of total flour. At that level, I can still get that open crumb. It imparts a unique flavor and a yellowish hue to bread.

    I’ve also used it in waffles, pancakes, muffins and cookies, either at 100{c2963f8d0945e86ebe572bd1bdc8f93a68d66e1652307c5f6b1165e2eb5776e5} or in some ratio with other flours. Its great there too.

    I haven’t tossed berries into a big pot of vegetable soup yet, but hope to soon. Doubt I’ll be disappointed.

    Its also feels good to buy a healthful, pure product that helps grain farmers avoid the industrial grain racket, where monopolies sell them inputs at high prices, and other monopolies buy their grain, at punishingly low prices.

    Even with shipping, the cost of this grain compares well with California prices for organic heritage/ancient grains at local stores.
    Versatile grain for pasta and flat breads 5 Star Review
    Posted by Robert Lewis on 29th Jul 2019

    We like various kinds of breads and pasta. Kamut makes much better pasta than any of the bread making grains, Kamut is very good for flat breads, and lends a nice flavor when added to bread in small amounts. Thus, I keep Kamut for pasta, rather than using hard red wheat because the Kamut works almost as well as Durham for pasta, and works much better than Durham for yeast breads.
    Kamut is not perfect for pasta, but I like it better most of the fresh pastas (from Durham) that we can get at local retailers. The berries keep well, so anytime I want it, in a few minutes, at a reasonable cost I can roll and cut fresh pasta of decent quality. I do sift the semolina to remove the bran/wheat germ, which is kept in the freezer and used for other things
    Great Kamut! 5 Star Review
    Posted by Unknown on 17th Jul 2019

    We love this kamut and feel it is worth the price for our health.

    A must have 5 Star Review
    Posted by John on 16th Jul 2019

    We use khorasan wheat for almost everything; (indian) flatbreads, pasta, pancakes/waffles and 50:50 with spelt for sourdough bread (superb araoma and flavour). So far the quality has never disappointed.

    Sprouting 4 Star Review
    Posted by Sherrie A McIntyre on 9th May 2019

    I am sprouting the Kamut. The very young sprouts taste very nice – sweet and grassy. I’m waiting still for the rest of the sprouts to grow taller. I think they will be good too.

  4. Website Review

    Healthy for reduced inflammation and IBS 5 Star Review
    Posted by Kimberly Grenier on 11th Jan 2019

    My husband has both IBS and RA. We started using Kamut flour for bread and cake over a year ago and my husband has noticed a lot of improvement with his IBS and we suspect is has also helped reduce his inflammation with the arthritis.

    Good hard wheat 5 Star Review
    Posted by Aaron Lewis on 19th Dec 2018

    I started buying Kamut for flat breads and pasta, and discovered that I also really like it for whole wheat loaves, either as the primary flour or as the whole grain addition in things like pain de campagne. Now that I understand it, I can actually get better loft and crumb with whole wheat Kamut than I can with whole red winter wheat.

    Love it. 5 Star Review
    Posted by Hiking Viking on 13th Aug 2018

    Glad I found it. Nutty flavor and great texture.

    Best Whole Wheat Berry I’ve Had 5 Star Review
    Posted by Lorraine on 11th Aug 2018

    Has become a staple for me replacing rice, pasta, and bread. Much healthier and love the chewy texture and nutty taste.

    Amazing quality grain! 5 Star Review
    Posted by DD on 2nd Aug 2018

    Loved the quality of this grain!! It’s so clean, I ground up a batch for a few sourdough loaves. I wish shipping didn’t cost as much or more than the product, but the product is amazing. Will buy again and be a regular.

    Great for breakfast! 5 Star Review
    Posted by CC on 15th May 2018

    I’m super-happy with the Kamut wheat I just received from Montana Flour and Grains. The wheat is clean, grains are uniformly large and fresh. I couldn’t be happier, and am particularly pleased I’ve found a large volume retail supplier of Kamut wheat (the local bulk foods store was a bit spotty in their stocking). I cook a big batch of wheat grains each week and add the cooked cereal to oats (50-50 mix) for breakfast. I also add the cooked grains to some of my breads for extra chew and crunch. I used to use red winter wheat, until I found Kamut. The Kamut wheat has a MUCH better flavor!

    Great product 5 Star Review
    Posted by Marcel M on 22nd Mar 2018

    Very clean Kamut. Sprouts easily and bakes very well. It’s my second time buying from you and it won’t be the last…

    The Most Delicious Wheat 5 Star Review
    Posted by Jennifer M Brewster on 22nd Feb 2018

    I was most impressed with the speedy delivery of this product. The berries are plump and clean. I make my own bread and love the fact that this wheat is so digestible and the bread has a delicious flavour. I thoroughly recommend this product from this supplier.

    Fresh, great product! 5 Star Review
    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Feb 2018

    I am very impressed with the fast delivery. This was my very first order placed from you. Just received it and have not opened the package yet, but will be using the product for various meals. Happy with purchase.

    Easy to work with 5 Star Review
    Posted by Unknown on 13th Feb 2018

    We switched to Kamut after reading that common wheat has 42 chromosomes (from laboratory hybridization) compared to the ancient grains that have 28 like Kamut and Emmer and 14 in Einkorn. We were afraid that it would be difficult to give up everything made from common wheat, but we have found the Kamut very easy to work, making our own bread and cookies very easily. Once or twice a week, we spend a little time together in the kitchen baking. It’s really pretty nice.

  5. Website Review

    Whole Grain That I Can Eat 5 Star Review
    Posted by Marie on 6th Feb 2018

    Finally a whole wheat that I can eat! And I like the taste. I’m grateful for the reviews or I would not have taken the chance on this grain, as I had given up on eating whole wheat. It just didn’t agree with me. But the Kamut Khorasan is different. I have had no issues with it. I ground it into flour and made bread. Just as other reviewers stated, it has a kind of buttery flavor. Delicious!
    *Bonus: shipping was fast!

    Absolutely the best 5 Star Review
    Posted by Eileen on 22nd Jan 2018

    This is the 2nd time I’ve ordered from you. Service was great and the product is very good.

    Absolutely Pleased 5 Star Review
    Posted by Todd Pierce on 18th Jan 2018

    Wow we love this grain. It ferments on it’s own very quickly, and we love the taste.

    Love this product 5 Star Review
    Posted by KK on 21st Nov 2017

    I’ve only made one loaf of bread, but it turned out so good that I don’t think I will be using common wheat nearly as much. The berries are very clean, (which is not always the case). Thank you.

    Kamut Wheat Flour Ranks 10 Stars 5 Star Review
    Posted by MARCIA MARILL on 11th Nov 2017

    I so love the taste of this flour especially for breads and quick breads. Since I recently learned hoe to make no kneed turbo breads I could not wait to try Kamut and is it wonderful. You do have to use 1/4 cup less liquid though.I know I will remain a customer as I already placed a order for whole wheat berries a d Kamut berries as I like to grind my own flour for freshness. Did I say the nutritional panel with Kamut is awesome. When you eat breads and cakes you want the highest nutrition possible and Montana Products give us the best organic products. Thank you!!!

    Great replace for common wheat 5 Star Review
    Posted by Kimberly Grenier on 7th Nov 2017

    Once we found out the truth about common wheat having 42 chromosomes, which create digestive issues, inflammation and diabetes as well as being GMO, we decided to get off breads and pastries. It was tough to do. Then we found Kamut and have found recipes that are easy and completely satisfy us. Kamut tastes so much better than common wheat, even as a whole grain it makes easy bread and muffins. We also make flatbread and pancakes and plan on making cookies and snack bars. So excited about this product.

    First Time User 4 Star Review
    Posted by David on 7th Oct 2017

    First time I’ve grown wheat.
    Found Montana Flour via Google search.
    Grain was well packaged and shipment was very fast.
    Sowed seed by hand, raked it in and germination was great!

    I’m looking forward to harvest time and baking bread next summer.

    Exceeded Expectations 5 Star Review
    Posted by Peter on 29th Sep 2017

    My expectations were exceeded as a first-time customer. The quality is outstanding, and the taste is rich and buttery. The customer service was helpful and knowledgeable. Delivery is made simple.

    As long as Montana Flour and Grains continues to be a fantastic supplier, I will continue to praise and recommend this fantastic company. Thanks for all you do!

    Love This Product 5 Star Review
    Posted by Unknown on 25th Sep 2017

    I eat whole wheat berries on a daily basis for health.

    A Bread for All! 5 Star Review
    Posted by Suzy on 18th Sep 2017

    When I use this product to make bread, those with “gluten free” requirements have NO PROBLEM digesting this bread! How does it get any better than that?!

  6. Website Review

    Nutrition Filling 5 Star Review
    Posted by Lisa Carpenter on 8th Aug 2017

    This wheat has a very strong nutritional value. I grind it whole and make all things; bread, gravy, cakes and other baked goods. Everywhere I use this grain, the food is so good and filling I always eat less (less cookies is good, I get a sweet treat and am satisfied with less) and feel full and satisfied. I do not eat other types of wheat products. I shared with the family and expect to have to increase my orders. lol

    best type of wheat there 5 Star Review
    Posted by Unknown on 6th Aug 2017

    using it for almost 2 years, feels bette ron tummy, eays to digest bread made with it.

    A great product. 5 Star Review
    Posted by Joseph Lee Morehouse on 25th Apr 2017

    It exactly what was advertised , the grain is clean and ready for planting. Very happy with this product . Only down side the 10 pound bag was a little light by 1/2 pound but I can live with . Grain is high quality.

    Great product for a great price 5 Star Review
    Posted by Janet on 30th Mar 2017

    Ordered 10lbs of Kamut grain to make my parrots food. I love that it’s organic. The price was great and the grain was whole and not dusty when I received it, which was extremely fast. I’ll order again.

    Makes great scones 4 Star Review
    Posted by Mountain Mike on 15th Mar 2017

    Have been using your hard white winter wheat in the past and decided to try this as well. A half and half mixture of the two makes for a great variation for English Cream Scones.

    Beautiful kamut grain 5 Star Review
    Posted by LA on 1st Mar 2017

    Organic, raw, fresh, clean,tasty, full of vitality ( sproutable), it has everything I look for. It arrived quickly in impressively well sealed double paper bags. Love it! First time order from Montanaflour, left with very satisfing experience.

    Beautiful, Clean Grain 5 Star Review
    Posted by Mama Lisa on 26th Feb 2017

    This is a delicious, light-colored clean grain processed and shipped respectfully. I grind flour from it and make delicious breads. It is priced competitively, even with shipping charges. I also buy Einkorn berries imported from Italy, and like this as well and am happy to find domestic grain of such high quality. I am happy to have discovered this supplier.

    Clean, fresh, golden 5 Star Review
    Posted by Karen Rippens on 30th Dec 2016

    On inspection, this grain is clean and beautiful. I can’t wait to bake with it.

    Great 4 Star Review
    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Dec 2016

    I look forward to trying itin different ways

    Clean, dry, and beautiful 5 Star Review
    Posted by Unknown on 5th Jul 2016

    First order from you. What gorgeous grain. I am so glad to have found organic grain! – Clean in the sense it’s all good grain with no other matter, and clean in that it has no pesticides lurking in my fresh ground flour!

  7. Website Review

    Wonderful grain! 5 Star Review
    Posted by Lola on 20th Apr 2016

    I’ve been using kamut about four years because of a sensitivity to regular wheat. It makes delicious bread with a light, elastic texture. I just received another shipment yesterday. I appreciated that it was double-bagged, because of the treatment by the shipper — the outer bag contained the inner spill. Thank you, Montana Flour and Grains!

    Ancient Grain Kamut 5 Star Review
    Posted by Melba on 15th Apr 2016

    Received the bag of whole grain Kamut in record time. Used my new grain mill to grind this for flour. Worked wonderful for my bread of which I did add some Montana white flour. My husband raved about it. Excited to try it in other recipes.

    great sprouting quality 5 Star Review
    Posted by Emma W on 29th Mar 2016

    I ordered your Kamut grains after being assured that there was no desiccators used on the crop before harvesting. I had recently found out that a lot of growers who were not using GMO seeds were using Roundup or similar products on their grain to guarantee a uniform harvest. Therefore killing the plant and grain. Your office help assured me that this was not your practice. So I ordered 25lbs. The order was received in a very timely manner. The grain sprouted beautifully, and was so plump on sprouting. My first batch of Essene bread is now in the oven. Merrily cooking for 3 hours at 200 degrees. With no leavening it has risen about 25{c2963f8d0945e86ebe572bd1bdc8f93a68d66e1652307c5f6b1165e2eb5776e5} and is now browning up and looks delicious. Thank you for giving us good healthy grain to eat.

    as always 5 Star Review
    Posted by Unknown on 8th Feb 2016

    best price, good quality. and arrives when promised

    kamut 5 Star Review
    Posted by Unknown on 11th Sep 2015

    use it all the time for past year, and get it from here.
    on time, quality is good.

    Great for bread and pasta 5 Star Review
    Posted by Chris on 11th Sep 2015

    I have been using this grain for about a year in my breads and pasta. I grind the whole grain myself and love the texture and flavor that it adds.

    Great ancient grain 5 Star Review
    Posted by Melissa on 5th Sep 2015

    Mills nicely. I am celiac sprue, and have had no issues with this ancient grain. Your mileage may vary.

    Once again…a star!!! 5 Star Review
    Posted by Suzy on 31st Aug 2015

    Love this grain…ground in bread…ground for cereal…cooked to add to salads with beans etc. It’s the BEST…and it arrives so quickly…and as promised!

    GREAT! 5 Star Review
    Posted by Mary on 13th Aug 2015

    This stuff is great! We were organic brown rice eaters until the arsenic was found in rice. It’s hard enough to eat right, but when you can’t eat the stuff that’s supposed to be good for you, it gets quite difficult to eat healthy! Quick delivery and great quality grain. Also, so glad it’s from my State! Thanks guys!

    Beautiful grain 5 Star Review
    Posted by Toni Sollenberger on 6th Aug 2015

    Received my order promptly and the packaging was very nicely done. I love this grain. The grain is clean and beautiful. It is delicious baked in breads and is very nice ground into a cream of Kamut cereal for breakfast. I will be making my usual Friday night pizza dough from Kamut. It is always delicious.

  8. Website Review

    BEST VALUE 4 Star Review
    Posted by Unknown on 26th May 2015

    Standard delivery was a few days to Seattle area. Best value for Kamut I could find.

    Fresh Loaf 5 Star Review
    Posted by Iman Muhammad on 23rd Apr 2015

    These grains makes some of the best buttery loaf of bread and dinner rolls I’ve ever tasted. Taste like restaurant quality bread. It’s hard to imagine buying store bought again. Love It!

    very good product 4 Star Review
    Posted by Brian McCorkle on 10th Apr 2015

    I only intended to make instant cous-cous with this. So far I have soaked the grains overnight, simmered it until all the grains were cooked, then dried the grains out again. I will next crack the grains and sift for size, regrinding the larger pieces. The grains are quite clean and unbroken. I detected no insect, fungus, or other problems with the grains. I will see if I can update this when I have completed the process and tried the resulting product. The whole cooked grains tasted quite good, though.

    Pretty delicious! 4 Star Review
    Posted by Brandi on 21st Mar 2015

    I first tried Kamut at WF in the prepared food section and immediately fell in love. I searched all around Houston but no one seemed to carry it. I decided to check the net and found this site. I ordered a 10lbs bag and will be returning for more in the future. The only thing is the shipping costs more than the item itself. I do have an issue with that.

    Great wheat, we get it, the high shipping helps the bottom line. 5 Star Review
    Posted by chris on 14th Feb 2015

    I must second all the good things others are saying about this grain. It is softer, lighter and has a unique flavor that my whole family loves and easier on the stomach.

    I understand that many people are upset about the shipping cost, but my guess is that the high shipping cost is used as an increase in the bottom line.

    They could just raise the price of Kamut per lb and offer free shipping or lower shipping, however to me it’s all the same. The bulk price on this site (including shipping) is still $1 per lb cheaper than buying it at local health stores. This makes it just slightly more expensive than the lowest priced organic whole wheat flour I’ve found and worth it for me to purchase.

    Until I found this website, Kamut was a hyper expensive, occasional grain I used sparingly to change the flavor of organic whole wheat bread.

    Now I am able to replace whole wheat entirely, which was force hybridized in the late 1960s without any concern for nutrition and digestibility (with primary concerns being larger yields and disease resistance). — Wiki – Norman Borlaug – who won the nobel peace prize in 1970 for this work.

    Almost all wheat grown today is semi-dwarf wheat and a product of this destructive work.

    Kamut is pre 1970s wheat. That is what matters most to me and why my wife can digest it without severe bloating.

    Thank you

    1st Time Customer Experience 5 Star Review
    Posted by Michael on 15th Nov 2014

    I placed my first order for the 10lb KAMUT berries/grain; so that I could
    1.) Sprout for my chickens to try…
    2.) Grind to make bread for myself…
    The Grains arrived very timely, and well packaged.
    The dough that this grain makes crumbles a bit while working with it, almost like a corn meal texture. I added a bit more natural raw honey to the dough to smooth it out and more workable. Also, to help it to rise further, due to the sugar content in the honey..
    It makes what I call a Heavy Loaf of bread. Which tasted good as French Toast as well… :)
    RECOMMENDATIONS to Montana Flour & Grains ~ Talk with UPS and/or FEDEX, they do offer better shipping rates to business’ for Ground Shipping. I have ordered 250lbs bulk from firms out west in the past, with very good FedEx Ground Shipping Rates…
    Oh, and by the way… my Hens did Like the Sprouts that these grains produced :)
    Have just placed my 2nd 10lb order and it is on the way too me now per the USPS Tracking number.

    excellent flavor, quick ship 4 Star Review
    Posted by kizz on 7th Nov 2014

    The grain is wonderful we all love it. My husband has some digestive problems but this is very easy on his stomach. I would have given 5 stars except there was some chaff left in the wheat and when I ran it through my grinder it roasted it and I lost some flour to burned popcorn flavor. Other than that I am just careful now about what I put through the grinder and it is just fine. Lovely golden color, makes awesome fluffy pancakes.
    Excellent Product 5 Star Review
    Posted by Ronnie Verruto on 29th Oct 2014

    Can’t get any better than Kamut, it’s simply very tasty. It has a pleasant nutty buttery flavor and the dough is just a pleasure to work with. Don’t be fooled by people saying to mix Kamut with a stronger gluten grain as I make 100{c2963f8d0945e86ebe572bd1bdc8f93a68d66e1652307c5f6b1165e2eb5776e5} Kamut breads that are awesome. Product was very clean and very fresh and was packaged beautifully as usual. Highly recommended product.

    great 4 Star Review
    Posted by mel on 19th Oct 2014

    Quality is good and price is reasonable. However, shipping is way too pricy. Please negotiate a good shipping price with TNT or DHL, and this is very common for all successful and popular online merchants.
    Kamut is Gorgeous 5 Star Review
    Posted by Roaring River Bread on 18th Sep 2014

    This is absolutely the most beautiful wheat, large and golden. We love the way it smells when it bakes. We bake for a local Farmer’s Market and “ancient Grains” starring Kamut is a favorite. Making bread with so little gluten is a challenge but it is worth the effort. Montana Flour & Grains is very responsive and the wheat is clean and dry. Love it!!

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